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Asset Type



Optimize the performance and efficiency of the passenger vehicle fleet. Plan routes efficiently, improve travel safety, reduce operating costs, and provide better service to customers.


Bus / Shuttle

Plan efficient bus routes, monitor real-time bus performance, reduce operating costs, improve safety and optimize the overall performance of the bus fleet. By using this system, transportation companies can achieve higher operational efficiency and provide better service to passengers

Dump Truck


Optimize truck fleet performance with real-time monitoring, efficient route planning, timely maintenance management and fleet performance analysis. Increase operational efficiency, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and increase fleet productivity to achieve better business goals.


General Purpose

Track fleets in real-time using portable GPS, plan efficient travel routes, and optimize vehicle usage to increase efficiency. Monitor driver behavior and minimize the risk of accidents.

Cold Temperature


Increase the accuracy of fleet tracking with a hybrid GPS tracker. Track the fleet more accurately and reliably on the position of the fleet of ships, have better visibility of the movement of the fleet at sea and ensure more efficient delivery and service.

Mixer Truck

Heavy Vehicle

Optimize the usage and performance of a fleet of heavy industrial vehicles, such as heavy construction and mining equipment. Monitor vehicle condition, vehicle position, engine condition, maintenance scheduling, location shift optimization, fuel usage analysis, and fleet tracking.

GNSS Equipment


Increase container security during shipping. Monitor and closely monitor the status and location of containers during transit, prevent the risk of theft or damage, and provide extra protection for consumer cargo.

Cargo Ship

Cargo Goods

Plan efficient routes, avoid traffic jams and Ensure timely delivery of cargo. Advanced safety features also help protect cargo and vehicles, creating faster and safer deliveries for customer satisfaction.

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