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Why Trans Track ?

We track, analyze, and improve your transport operation by bringing concrete solutions for your transportation management and vehicle security problems.


Support 1000+ types of GPS trackers in the global market.

Stay Connected

Track the vehicle everywhere with global sim card installed in our GPS trackers.

Easy Integration

User can easily integrate our system with other systems with our open API settings.

Accident Compensation

Insurance for driver & a passenger if an accident occurs on vehicles using our services.*

*T&C applies


Units Installed



20 - 40%

Increase Productivity & Utility

10 - 30%

Reduce Fuel Cost & Idle Time

There are other features that can help you

Measure vehicle’s coolant temperature and monitor with an alert system.

Send a signal for help in case any incident happens in your vehicle.

Monitor your vehicle conversation to reduce cheating or bad behavior from your drivers.

Lightweight, compact, and convenient GPS tracker, equipped with a communication/alarm button.

Convert the vehicle’s analog data to digital, so the information on the dashboard such as the vehicle’s fuel, odometer, or speed could be tracked.

Stop your vehicle from exceeding certain pre-set speed limits.

Maintain vehicle speed with an alert if it exceeds 100 km/hour of speed.

Control vehicle’s fuel consumption and detect evaporative leaks.

Identify and manage driver’s tasks.

Record sound and images of what’s happening on the road and inside the vehicle in real-time.

Communicate with the driver without using phone service.

Monitors the driver while driving, including fatigue, lack of focus, improper driving position, telephone calls, smoking, and yawning.

A safety measure for operational vehicles to ensure the engine could be safely operated.

Detect the time and location when your car door is open or securely closed.

Control and shut down your vehicle from anywhere.

Immobilize your vehicle remotely in any situation, even with broken, detached, or offline GPS.

Check on driver’s condition while on duty.

Automatically counts passengers getting on/off the vehicle.

TransTRACK system is also applicable for users who use third-party GPS trackers with our mirroring feature.

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