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Cities across Indonesia


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20 - 40%

Improved Fleet Productivity & Utilization

10 - 30%

Fleet Operating Cost Reduction


Why Choose Trans TRACK  ?

We track, analyze, and improve your transport operation by bringing concrete solutions for your transportation management and vehicle security problems.


It can be used by 1000+ types of GPS trackers available in the global market. Allows users to monitor and manage data from various types of GPS tracking devices without the need to switch to another platform.

Stay Connected

Network connectivity in all places, regions, to other countries. Track vehicles anywhere with a global sim card built into our GPS tracker. Ensure vehicle tracking data remains accessible and accurately monitored at any location.

Easy Integration

Users can easily integrate our system with other systems using our open API settings. Alignment and collaboration between systems becomes easier and more integrated.


Customize your fleet needs such as reports, white labels, and other TransTRACK features. Give users the flexibility and ability to optimize system usage according to their business needs and goals.

TransTRACK’s Key Solutions

Monitor your fleet operations with real-time tracking, minimize fuel usage, and analyze vehicle problems. All in one TransTRACK system.

Fleet Operation Optimizer

Full-time remote control of fleet, drivers and cargo.

  • Fleet Management
  • Geofencing
  • Driver Management
  • Cargo Tracking
  • Task Management
  • Mirroring
  • Tracking Library
  • Fleet Command Center Dashboard

Manage vehicle maintenance schedules, inventory, and mechanics in one system.

  • Vehicle Management
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Work Order
  • Spare Parts & Tools
  • FMS Integration

Reduce truck queues and speed up the loading and unloading process.

  • Optimization of terminal resources and operations management
  • Regulate incoming traffic
  • Create a channel of communication between the terminals and the drivers / transport companies

Supply Chain Integrator

Connect services with delivery companies, logistics aggregators, vendors, and drivers in one system.

Track shipping transactions from order management to billing.

  • My Task
    • Smartphone as GPS Tracker.
    • Task Management.
    • Courier Tracking
  • Mobility Tracking.
    • Monitor Goods Delivery
    • Driver Tracking
    • Integrated with MyTask App
    • Integrated with Fleet Management System
    • E-POD

TransTRACK Features

Accident Compensation Copyright

First and only in Indonesia! Fleet telematics provider that provides accident compensation based on the TransTRACK GPS tool*

*T&C applies
Dokumentasi Kompensasi
Dokumentasi Kompensasi
Dokumentasi Kompensasi

Customer Experience Center

By showcasing and demonstrating TransTRACK products, solutions, and services, we create the best customer experience through TransTRACK's Customer Experience Center.


More than 500 companies have improved their operations with us

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